The resumption of the Allianz Football League saw 14 of the scheduled 15 games take place.

Early on Saturday morning word came through that Leitrim would not be fulfilling their Division 3 fixture away to Down and so conceded the points on offer.

A statement from Leitrim GAA said: "A number of players are awaiting test results and unavailable to travel. Other factors also prevented further players from being available, considering this greater health situation, and in this course of action, we must respect this situation."

Manager Terry Hyland subsequently told RTÉ Sport that he found it strange more counties did not have issues, when saying: "I do feel that it's a bit unusual that Leitrim have issues, shall we say, Fermanagh have issues and yet we have 30 other counties [without issues].

More reaction on the Connacht county's decision came from Tipperary manager David Power. He told RTÉ's Sunday Sport that the stance "damaged the integrity of the league".

Initially, Pat Spillane felt Leitrim should have played the fixture when speaking on Allianz League Sunday. 

"The Leitrim situation when I heard it first is that they are pulling a stroke and that they could easily field 15 fellas," said the Kerryman, 

He quickly softened the stance when adding: "But the more I reflected on it, there is no black or white when we are talking about Covid. 

"I could sit here on my hobby horse or high horse and pontificate about how Leitrim have let down the GAA and about how they have destroyed the integrity of the game. I'm not privy to what's happening in Leitrim. 

"In terms of Covid there is an awful lot of fear and an awful lot of anxiety out there. 

"Are a lot of lads frontline workers? Are they living with elderly parents or those with health situations?"

Having his say, Kevin McStay argued Leitrim should be given time to assess their situation. 

"The only pity was that the decision wasn't made in a more timely fashion. But when you think about it, aren't Leitrim entitled to three or four days to figure out where they are? Advice has been given out at governmental level on Friday morning and decisions will be made early tomorrow.

"These are major decisions in a footballing context and in a nation's context. Tear off in haste is not a good idea, take your time, reflect and get it right."