Given the prevailing circumstances and the fact that most teams appear to be in different stages of transition, the resumption of the Allianz Football Leagues offer plenty of intrigue with the All-Ireland Championships in mind - provided they go ahead.

Arguably most intriguing of all is the case of Galway, especially with the fact that former Donegal manager Jim McGuinness was drafted in by Pádraig Joyce to contribute to a training session days ago.

"It definitely took a lot of the airwaves in the world of Twitter that Jim McGuinness was in working with Galway and obviously the connection Pádraig and Jim would have had, playing in Tralee all those years ago," said former Kildare footballer Johnny Doyle as he previewed the return of inter-county football on RTÉ's Game On

"The big question is, what role has Jim McGuinness in the team? Will he go and try and change the shape of the team or what does Pádraig Joyce want him to do?

"Certainly the Galway team earlier in the year that are sitting top of Division 1 is playing a lovely, open brand of football.

"It would have been a little bit different from the football that Kevin Walsh would have played with Galway. It might be different to Jim McGuinness' approach that we would have seen.

"Obviously the first couple of years with Jim McGuiness, [Donegal] would have got a lot of men behind the ball and wouldn't have had a lot of bouquets thrown at them. But the Donegal that won the All-Ireland was a little bit more attack-minded.

"So it will be interesting to see and certainly there will be a lot more eyes looking at Galway to see can they see a Jim McGuinness stamp on it."

Reigning five-in-a-row All-Ireland winners Dublin also represent an intriguing case in their first year under Dessie Farrell.

"The one thing he'll have to do is bring in that freshness," Doyle said of the challenge for the Dublin boss.

"It must be difficult after winning five All-Irelands in a row to try and re-energise the team after such a long lay-off as well. But this is still Dublin were talking about."