The GPA this week sent all members a questionnaire, seeking their views on the imminent return of the inter-county season.

It is understood that the Gaelic Players Association is deeply concerned about the the welfare of its players.

This is especially in light of recent developments on both sides of the border, with the spread of positive Covid-19 cases.

The purpose of the letter was to canvas players' feelings. It's a balancing act for the GPA between the physical health of its players and their close contacts and their emotional stresses and needs.

While Westmeath star John Heslin expressed his own hesitation last night on Twitter amid tightening restrictions in both jurisdictions, the GPA had always intended to canvas their members' opinions when all the relevant info was to hand.

The letter asked players to respond to the below questions.

"In your opinion, is your county board effectively implementing the Covid 19 Inter County return to play protocols" to ensure a safe training/playing environment for you? 

"If no, indicate what specific changes are required to make your training/playing environment compliant with the Covid protocols;

"Which of the following options reflects your opinion for the upcoming 2020 Season?

1) I want the season to proceed.

2) I want to play only if the implementation of the Covid-19 protocols is improved.

3) I do not want the season to proceed.

"If the Covid-19 situation continues to deteriorate, do you support the NEC (GPA's National Executive Committee) making a decision on the players' behalf about the continuation of the season?" 

The GPA expect to have all the responses collated by Friday.