Five Cork dual-code players are considering a boycott of both camogie and football matches if no solution is found to the fixture conflict they are facing in November.

Libby Coppinger, Hannah Looney, Fiona Keating, Meabh Cahalane and Ciara McCarthy all represent Cork in both codes at senior level and have been left frustrated at the lack of a solution to a fixture clash on 7 November.

Cork are due to take on Galway in the All-Ireland Camogie Championship on the same day their footballers  face Kerry in the All-Ireland Football Championship.

While Galway have offered to move the camogie game from Saturday, 7 November to Sunday, that would still leave the Cork quintet with the prospect of further clashes later in both tournaments.

Speaking to the Irish Examiner, Coppinger revealed the level of frustration that she and her team-mates are feeling and refused to rule out the possibility of them boycotting both games.

Coppinger insisted that they would be happy to play the games on consecutive days, but want guarantees that they won't be asked to choose between one code or the other. 

"We are not looking for games to be on different weekends or anything like that. It is literally just 24 hours between games is what we're looking for," she said. 

"I don't know if we are going to have to take some sort of bigger steps to prove that it is an issue and make them realise what is going on. We haven't fully decided anything. But if nothing is going to happen, you don't know, you might just have to take that step to prove that it is such an issue and hope they can resolve it. You can't be choosing one over the other. That is just not a possibility anyway.

"We are all just sick of it, very frustrated. Yesterday, we had a chat and we were all irritated coming away from it because nothing has changed. It is the same thing over and over again.

"Up until this week, I was assuming both associations would make the right call, maybe talk to each other a little bit and basically sort out which game goes on Saturday and which goes on Sunday.

"We are hopeful common sense will prevail because there's an easy fix to this."