Oisin McConville believes the Armagh County Board "hit the nuclear button" when they suspended all club activity on Friday evening.

The decision came after the Armagh senior football squad suspended their training following confirmation that a number of their players had tested positive for Covid-19.

There was then a meeting of the Armagh County Management Committee, with the call made to freeze all club action at all age grades and levels.

There has been a surge in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases throughout Northern Ireland over the last week. On Friday, 934 positive tests were confirmed - a new daily record and more than double the previous record of 424 new cases set earlier this week. 

McConville, who won an All-Ireland SFC title with the Orchard County in 2002, accepts that precautions must be taken, but he questioned the call to stop games across the board rather than implement a more localised shutdown. 

"The first I heard of it was that all the inter-county players were getting tested," he said on RTÉ Radio 1's Saturday Sport.

"I felt as if, having heard what [GAA head of games] Feargal McGill said during the week about the fact they were going to ramp up testing, I thought it was maybe just a precautionary thing or it was routine.

"Then I heard of an outbreak in a club locally and we hit the nuclear button by calling a halt to all proceedings.

"Nobody has given any evidence of this outbreak happening outdoors when players are either going to games togged out, meeting outdoors, nothing happening n a changing room situation - no body has given that information. We're so far into this pandemic you'd think at this stage we would have a little bit more information on that.

"The thing with the gatherings means that maybe after a championship win or different things like that, teams are obviously getting together in conditions that aren't suitable, but to punish everybody as a result of that, it seems a little bit harsh on the underage fixtures.

"I agree with all the sentiments about safety first, but we could be living with this pandemic for another couple of years.

"Every time we have an outbreak are we going to shut down everything? A more localised shutdown I would have thought would have made more sense.

"Obviously the inter-county team, if they have several cases in there, then shut that particular thing down, but to shut the whole thing down just seems to me to be a little bit off the wall."