Goalkeepers are renowned for their longevity compared to players further out the field.

But Rathdowney-Errill chairman Tim Barry may have broken all records when he stepped between the sticks to ensure his club's Laois Junior C football championship clash with Annanough went ahead on Tuesday night.

The 72-year-old acquitted himself admirably, only conceding 2-02 as Rathdowney scored 8-08 at the other end.

"We won it anyway, but not with much help from me," Barry told RTÉ Sport.

"I only let it in two. One of them was a penalty, the other one I got a hand to it and it hit the post. It went back out and one of their lads buried it."

Barry ended up in goal as the reigning Laois senior hurling champions, who field separate junior teams in football, had just 12 players on the night - including county hurling star Ross King - and needed 13 for the game to go ahead.

Barry had only travelled to the game to bring the team their jerseys, but ensured Rathdowney didn't have to give a walkover by agreeing to play.

"It must be around 50 years," he said, recalling his last outing on the football field. "I never played much football, I was a hurler.

"I wouldn’t think I’d be in goal next time, I’d have to fight for my place!"

'Right lads, we'll leave off the sweeper system today' (picture courtesy of LaoisToday.ie)