Former Mayo footballer David Brady believes that teams will end up having to pull out of the 2020 All-Ireland inter-county championships. 

The inter-county football championship is scheduled to run from late October until the week before Christmas. 

And Brady, who played in four All-Ireland finals for Mayo between 1996 and 2006, reckons that the All-Ireland championships will commence but that teams may be forced to pull out.   

"We will not have an opportunity to have an inter-county championship - I don't think - with every county involved," Brady told Game On on RTÉ2fm.  

"Because we can't chance someone who has a temperature of 39.5 to participate and it means the county unfortunate won't be able to participate the following week.

"I think we need to accept it as a possibility that a county might have to pull out. What we have at the moment we have to appreciate. It's great to have it back. Look at people standing on cherry pickers or half a ladder - if there's ever such a thing - and looking over a wall. It's great to see. 

"We just need to be mindful that it mightn't be back as long as we think. Every weekend that there's football is a positive."

"Everyone at the start will probably be taking part. If someone does fall foul of the disease, well then it's accepted. Look what we've accepted in life.

"The fact that one team might have to pull out of the All-Ireland championship is a very real possibility but we'll have to accept it. There'll be no one that'll be fighting and screaming and saying we should be let back in. "

With uncertainty still reigning in the midst of the pandemic, Brady does foresee that the 2020 championship will be played out but he expressed hope that, should events dictate otherwise, any decision from the authorities clamping down on play will be respected. 

"It will run and it will be played out. We can prevent as much as we can but we can't stop this virus. There's going to be no vaccine in the next six months. Hopefully this time next year. 

"If there's not and it (the All-Ireland) has to pulled, then people will respect it. And you know what - there's always next year and there will be next year. But I hope it does go uninterrupted and everyone comes out of it safe and well."