The Ladies Gaelic Football Association has changed its policy to allow teams from Northern Ireland play challenge games against clubs from the Republic.

Full-contact matches will not be permitted in the six counties until 17 July, under the Stormont Executive's easing of coronavirus restrictions, also the date competitive games can resume all over Ireland.

Challenge matches have been possible in the Republic since 29 June, however, and clubs under the aegis of the GAA have been travelling across the border to practice against their neighbours.

Until today though, the LGFA had refused to approve requests for cross-border games, citing public health advice from the NI executive.

Given there are no restrictions on travel between either jurisdiction, that led to resentment among members north of the border that they were effectively being told they had to abide by NI rules even when in the Republic.

That apparent anomaly has been rectified tonight with an email to clubs from the LGFA which announced: "Challenge games can now take place for clubs against clubs in the 26 counties once officially approved as per LGFA guidelines.

"The Injury Fund will only apply for games sanctioned officially as per above. We cannot sanction challenge games for clubs in the 6 counties against other clubs in the 6 counties until NI Executive Guidelines approve which currently is commencing from 17 July.

"It is essential that all games played are in compliance with all other Covid-19 Protocols as per the Gaelic Games Guidelines."