Football: Three groups of four and two groups of three. Games commencing on 31 July and being played every second weekend to avoid clashing with hurling. Top two in four-team groups go straight to quarter-finals, with top two in the three-team groups play-off, first versus second, to decide who advances to quarter-finals. Final on 4 October.

Hurling: Senior A and Senior B will consist of three groups of four teams. Games commence on 23 July, Round 2 on 8-9 August and Round 3 on 22-23 August, with top team in each Senior A group and one drawn second placed team straight to quarter-finals, with other two second placed teams in Senior A into preliminary quarter-finals with top two teams from each Senior B group. Final on 27 September.


Football: Two groups of five teams with top four from each group qualifying for the quarter-finals, 4 v 1, 3 v 2, 2 v 1 and 1 v 4, and the bottom two teams facing each other in relegation play-off. Group games played weekly from 18-19 July to 15-16 August. Quarter-finals & relegation play-off 29/30 August, semi-finals 12-13 September & final 26-27 September. 


Football: Retain four groups of four, with quarter-finals, semi-finals and final. Plus relegation SFs and final. Played on weekends of 2, 9,  August (group stages), 30 August (QFs & relegation SFs), 6 Sept (SFs & relegation final), 18-20 Sept (Final). 

Hurling: Round 1 weekend of 26 July, Round 2 weekend of 16 August, Final on weekend 13 Sept. 

Aidan O'Shea in action for Breaffy


Football: Two groups of five teams, with the top two in each progressing to the semi-finals. The bottom two in each progress to relegation semi-finals. Final on 19-20 September.

Hurling: Two groups of three teams, with the top two going into the semi-finals. Final on 26-27 September.


Football: Three groups of four, with quarter-finals, semi-finals and final. Plus relegation SFs and final. Played on weekends of 26 July, 2 August, 16 August (group stages), 30 August (QFs), 6 September (SFs), and 20 September (Final) 

Hurling: Round 1 on weekend of 19 July, Round 2 on weekend of 9 August, Round 3 on weekend of 22-23 August, semi-finals on weekend of 13 September and final on 27 September. 

Seven teams are divided into two groups of four and three.



Hurling: Split into two groups of five. Round 1 of the round robin phase begins on weekend of 24 July and runs for five weeks before semi-finals on 21 August weekend. County finals are a week later on weekend of 28 August. 

Football: Group stage begins on 4 September for three rounds before last eight knockout stage leading to finals to follow on weekend of 9 October.


Football: Retain four groups of four starting on 25 July, and running over two other dates – 5 August and 15/16 August, with quarter-finals, semi-finals and final, which is down for 19-20 September. No relegation at any grade. 

Hurling: Retain four groups of four starting on 18-19 July, and running over two others dates – 29 July and 8 August. Quarter-finals, semi-finals to be played 5-6 September, with the final on 12/13 September. 

Cian O'Connor of Moorefield at a training session in Newbridge, Kildare


Football: Four groups of four, with top-two in each going into the quarter-finals, while bottom in each heads for relegation semi-final. Starts on the August Bank Holiday weekend, with rounds on 9 and 16 August. Quarter-finals are on 30 August, semi-finals 13 September with final played on 27 September. 

Hurling: Two groups of four. The senior final is slated for 4 September, following a semi-final stage.


Hurling: 12 senior teams and 12 intermediate teams. Both championships split into four groups of three. 

Championship Round 1 begins on weekend of 30 August followed by quarter-finals, semis and then the finals on weekend of 27 September.

Football: Nine senior teams will compete. O Loughlin Gaels and Clara face off in the opening round before the winner advances to the quarter-final stage and the loser going on to play in the relegation final.


Football: Four groups of four, featuring a round robin section followed by quarter-finals and semi-finals. The final is due on weekend of 2 October, two weeks after last four round.

Hurling: Two groups of four, featuring three round robin fixtures for each team followed by semi-finals and finals on weekend of 25 September. Relegation final set for weekend of 11 September.


Football: Four groups of three, with the bottom club in each eliminated for the quarter-finals. No promotion or relegation. 

All games in the knockout stages to be decided on the day, expect for the final which is provisionally slated for 27 September and which can go to a replay. 

Hurling: One group of three, with the top two into the final. Provisional final date of 4 October.


Football: First league game on weekend of 2 August with first two fixtures to be played before Championship and remaining three games after that in October. Championship to start on 16 August and retains past format with round robin before knockout stages in September. 

Divisions One and Two of the leagues will be split into two groups of six with the team at the top of both sections qualifying for the league final. No replays in Championship. 

Championship final to take place on 27 September.

Hurling: Championship final slated for 20 September.


Football: Four groups of four, with games on weekends of 31 July, 14 August and 28 August, with winners progressing to semi-finals (20 August) and final on 4 September. Bottom four go into relegation semi-final. Final loser goes down to intermediate. 

Hurling: Six senior A teams split into two groups of three. Same for six senior B teams. Group games on weekends of 9 August ,the 23 August and 6 September. Quarter-finals on weekend of 13 September, semi-finals on weekend of 27 September. Final on 11 October.

Summerhill versus Ratoath in the 2019 Meath senior final


Football: Eight teams in senior football split into two groups of four. Top two qualify for seeded semi-finals while bottom teams go into relegation play-off. If final is drawn, replay to take place within seven days although extra-time to be used in preceding rounds. Will be run over 10 to 11 weeks. Final to take place on 20 September. 

Hurling: Eight senior teams split into two groups of four.Same format and timescale as football. Final to take place on 27 September. 


Football: Four groups of three, with top two clubs advancing to knockout stages. Bottom club in each group into relegation semi-final. Round 1 is on the August Bank Holiday weekend, with the group stage finishing three weeks later with Round 3. The senior final takes place on 27 September after two knockout rounds.

Hurling: Two groups of three, with semi-finals and a relegation play-off to come from those teams. Championship begins on 25 July with the final on the weekend of 4 October.


Football: Four groups of three, with the top two advancing to the quarter-finals. 

No relegation for 2020. The football begins on the weekend of 23 August after hurling semi-finals have taken place.  The finals take place on 25-27 September.

Hurling: Like the football, there are four groups of three, with the top two advancing to the quarter-finals. Championship to begin on 17 July, before QFs (7-9 August), SFs (14-16 August) and the finals to take place on the weekend of 23 August. No relegation for 2020. 


Football: Eight clubs, with last year's semi-finalists seeded for this year’s quarter-final draw. The championship begins on the weekend of 18 July and ends on 8 August before concluding with the final on the weekend of 20 September.

Hurling: Championship split into two groups, with one featuring of four clubs, and the other a group of three. It will start on 1 August and the final to come on the weekend of 27 September.



Football: The football format begins on the August Bank Holiday weekend. Twelve teams play in six head to head ties in the opening round. The winners of those games will then face each other for a place in the semis. The fourth semi-final place will go to the winner of a playoff between the six opening round losers. The final will take place on the weekend of 20 September.

Hurling: The Championship will begin on the weekend of 24 July. The opening round will feature eight fixtures following an open draw with the eight winners of those matches then subsequently being drawn against the eight losers in the second round to fight it out for a place in the quarters. The final will take place on the weekend of 20 September 


Football: The senior and intermediate football championships are set to commence on the weekend beginning 24 July which are then followed by six rounds of fixtures.

Finals will take place on weekend of 3 October, with alternative final slots open the following weekend in the event of a fixture clash involving dual clubs. Quarters and semis fixed for weekends of 20 and 27 September respectively in both codes.

Hurling: Similar format for the Hurling Championship which begins on weekend of 31 July. Cork’s senior and intermediate club finals will take place on the weekend of 3-4 October. 


Football: The County football championship is set to be played as a knockout, with final on the weekend of 27 September. Round 1 begins on the weekend of 23 August, with quarter-finals the following week and the semis on the weekend of 13 September.

The Club championships which are a separate competition are to be played in a group format. They begin on the weekend of 18 July with quarter-finals introduced for this year.

Hurling: Competition begins with Round 1 on the weekend of 16 August, leading to semis three weeks later, with the final taking place on the weekend of 20 September.

The Na Piarsaigh squad in 2019


Football: Four groups of three with the top two in each group progressing to the quarter-finals, followed by an open draw for the semis. The football round robins will be played between weekends of 9 August and 6 September. Quarter-finals and semi-finals will be played on the weekends of 20 and 27 September respectively and the decider to come on 4 October. 

Hurling: Championship split into two sections (A and B) featuring two groups of three in each. The top teams in the groups in A qualify for the semi-finals, while second placed teams in A go to the quarter-finals. In section B, teams at the top of the group enter the quarter-finals.

Round 1 begins on the weekend of 26 July, with the next two rounds to follow on consecutive weekends before a gap for the football championship round robins. Quarter-finals resume on the first weekend of September, with semis the next weekend.

The final is on the week of 20 September.


Football: Round 1 of the championship begins on weekend of 18 July, with the second round a fortnight later and the group stage completed on the penultimate weekend of August. The senior final will come on the weekend of 20 September.

Hurling: Four groups of four with first round fixtures to begin on weekend of 25 July. Rounds 2 and 3 of the group stage will be played on the weekends of 9  and 16 August respectively.

Quarter-finals at the end of August and semi-finals to follow in the first two weeks of September with flexibility depending on dual clubs reaching the semis in both codes. 

The senior final will which take place on weekend of 19/20 September. Relegation finals to take place on weekend of 12 September.


Football: Four groups of three, with top two clubs going into the quarter-finals. 

It's starting weekend of 4-6 September, with no relegation in 2020 and concluding in early October. 

Hurling: Four groups of three, with top two clubs going into the quarter-finals. Starting weekend of the 24-26 July, with fixtures 1/2 August of and 8/9 August. The final is due on the final weekend of August.

No relegation in 2020. 



Football: Four groups of three (one group, Group 3 contains four teams), with top two to progress to quarter-finals on 30 August. Semi-finals a week later, with final on 20 September. 

Hurling: Two groups of four, top two in each group to meet in semi-finals on 29 August. Final set for Sunday 6 September. 


Football: A straight knockout competition will start at the last-16 stage for the Championship which is expected to be run through parts of August with dates TBC. It will be accompanied by the Senior A League which will run from the weekend of 19 July to late September.


Football: The senior championship is back on 16 August with the decider down for 11 October. It will have the same structure as last year – one group of 12 teams, random weekly draw, every team plays four games, the top eight progress.

Hurling: Four teams compete in championship. 


Football: There will be four groups of four with all teams playing three games. The final placings will be used for seeding purposes, with all teams progressing to knockout football. The final is fixed for 11 October.

Hurling: There will a group stage this year, with the final pencilled in for 20 September.

Donegal's Michael Murphy receives sanitiser on arrival to a Glenswilly training session in late June 


Football: A new format with 16 teams in a league format. After four rounds of league games (two home and two away games each), the top eight qualify for the quarter-finals (4/5/6 September). The draw for the quarter-finals will see the top four teams in the league play at home and they will play teams from positions 5 to 8, drawn randomly. Final will be held on 26/27 September. 

Hurling: Five clubs play each other, two home and away games. Top four qualify for semi-finals, final pencilled in for 4 October. 


Football: Back door for teams beaten early, with championship to begin on 17 August, with final set for 20 September. 

Hurling: It’ll be a round-robin home-and-away format with the top two teams progressing to the final.


Football: Eight clubs in straight knockout, with quarter-finals 28/29/30 August with final set for 27 September. 

Hurling: No SHC 


Football: Two groups of five with the top team in each group going straight into the semi-finals; third and fourth going into the quarters; and the bottom two going into relegation play-offs.

The group stage begins on the weekend of 26 July and ends on the penultimate weekend of August. The provisional final date is the weekend of 27 September.


Football: Straight knockout with the action beginning on 13 August and the final on 20 September.