The LGFA has confirmed the format for this year's All-Ireland football championships, with 12 counties set to take part at senior level.

The teams will be split into four groups of three, with the winners of each going straight into the semi-finals.

Cork, Mayo, Galway, and defending champions Dublin are the seeded teams, meaning that they will be kept apart, with the remaining eight counties' group placings to be decided by an open draw on Tuesday 30 June.

The format at intermediate level is similar, with 13 counties going going into four groups - three groups of three teams, and one with four.

At junior level, six counties will be split into two groups of three, with four semi-final places up for grabs.

The association is hoping to play off the Championships over seven weekends, with two week gaps after the conclusion of the group stages, and before the final.

The dates for all competitions will confirmed shortly.