The GAA is expected to give an update regarding possible changes to lockdown restrictions later this week.

A meeting of the Covid-19 Advisory Group takes place today, while there are further meetings with other committees from Tuesday onwards.

RTÉ Sport understands that from 8 June, GAA clubs will be able to apply to open walking tracks around their premises.

But it's believed there will be no immediate return to the use of club fields or property for training of small groups or pods.

With the Government soon due to roll out specifics for its phase two re-emergence from the lockdown, much attention has centred on access to the GAA’s club property and the likelihood of gates being opened at venues across the country.

The association has closed all club facilities until 20 July and, in March, also suspended the players’ injury scheme.

There have been calls, from many high-profile figures, for groups of four to be allowed train via social distancing on club grounds from 8 June onwards.

But it’s believed the association is still a distance away from sanctioning such a move.

Instead, latest developments suggest there is a strong chance that walkways around club areas will be made available to the public – at designated times.

An official update could be given during the week, but it’s not expected there will be big changes from the existing position.

It’s understood from GAA sources that while there is a push from some to open the gates of clubs there is also a 'nervousness’ among club members around how this would be enforced or observed.

There are also fears of players picking up an injury when the official insurance scheme is suspended.

Sources also point out that while the existing 5km travel boundary continues to restrict movement, there is very little action that can be taken.

When club gates are eventually opened again, it’s expected protocols will be laid down for clubs to follow, which will more than likely include the appointment of a Covid-19 officer for every unit.