Class is permanent and none more so than in the case of Colm Cooper.

Just before the restrictions came into place due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Gooch had quietly made a return to the field of play, lining out for Dr Crokes' C team.

Unsurprisingly the former Kerry All-Ireland winner and multiple All-Star award winner fared well as he said on the RTÉ GAA Podcast.

"I don't think you ever retire from your club first of all but I actually played with the Dr Crokes C team just before the lockdown came and I scored eight points," he said, before adding jokingly "so officially I'm back again".

"We played Spa from Killarney so it was a local derby. So they were delighted to see me togged out with the third team."

Cooper and Kevin McStay were discussing the final poll in our All-Star Football team of the Sunday Game era - the full-forward line - in which the public vote has the Kerry great perched at the top of the leading trio.

And when asked to pick his greatest strength as a Gaelic footballer, Cooper said: "I would probably say my vision, that I just had a sense of what was going on around me.

"That allowed me to make decisions half a second quicker than anyone and maybe see a pass that maybe people could see but maybe either couldn't execute or maybe didn't even see.

"I remember Aidan O'Shea from Mayo was doing an interview two or three years ago and my name popped up and it was just interesting to hear it from guys that you normally play against.

"He mentioned 'most guys you have an idea what they're going to do but then you have Gooch who you really have no idea. He might play corner-forward, he might come out the field, he might kick with his left, he might kick with his right, he might bury a goal, he might set someone up'. 

"So it was probably because of that, if you have unpredictability, it's difficult to mark and I think that's probably something I got from my vision of knowing what was going on around me."   

Cooper also praised the player currently at number two on the full-forward poll, highlighting the "exceptional" Michael Murphy as a leader and outlining how Donegal could have utilised him differently after 2012's All-Ireland win.

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