Clare football boss Colm Collins believes players should not be pressurised into returning to competitive action in any way, stressing their amateur status gives them the right to refuse to take to the field if they're uncomfortable.

On Wednesday it was revealed that the GAA is still planning to hold club and inter-county championships this year but there's no chance of any inter-county games taking place before October.

Collins, speaking to RTÉ 2fm's Game On, admitted that initially he would have been happy to play games behind closed doors just to get a taste of some action, but that view has changed.

"I think it's very important that we finally have got some clarity," Collins said when reflecting on the GAA's announcement.

"The players were really roaring out for this. Although it came late in the day it's great that we got it eventually.

"My initial thoughts on it were that I'd rather have behind-closed-doors [games] than nothing else if it was a last resort. But the more I think about it and the more players I talk to, I don't think there's an appetite for it.

"If there's any danger to players, I wouldn't be for it.

"GAA players are not getting paid for this. They're amateurs. If my livelihood was, for example, a soccer player, it would be an entirely different question.

"This is not their livelihood, and while I would dearly love to see inter-county games going ahead, it's very important to distinguish between what your livelihood is and what your pastime is. If I have to go to work because it's my livelihood I'll take all the precautions in the world - but I don't have to play."

We now have the prospect of the Championships taking place over the winter.

It would present different challenges to the players, but Collins reckons the chillier weather and heavier ground would hardly be a shock to the system.

"These are strange times. There's something being fired at us that nobody could have envisaged," he added.

"We're going to have to make the best out of that situation. If it means maybe coming out watching games in inclement conditions, it wouldn't be the first time!

"I think we'll handle that."