Jackie Tyrrell and Michael Duignan join Mikey Stafford and Rory O'Neill to discuss the difference between a full-back and a corner-back, the glory of Eddie O'Connor's temper and the greatest defenders to man the last line of a hurling defence since 1979.

We asked you to vote for the best full-back line All-Stars of the Sunday Game era and you returned Brian Lohan, Diarmuid O'Sullivan and JJ Delaney.

Tyrrell was painfully close to making the team, but was happy to come on today's podcast to share his own thoughts and fight the case of Ollie Canning - Galway's classy corner-back.

Duignan remembers Offaly's own men at the back, as well as his battles with Kilkenny's O'Connor brothers.

We also catch a glimpse of 'The Rock' nailing Colm Parkinson with a shoulder.