All-Ireland-winning Dublin footballer Niamh McEvoy has been back on home soil since recently returning from Australia after a stint playing AFLW with Melbourne Football Club.

Like sportspeople in Ireland and across much of the globe at present, the 29-year-old is spending time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"When I got in from Melbourne just over two weeks ago now, obviously I had to self-quarantine for 14 days," she said, speaking to 2fm's Game On about how she's been keeping busy and what she has taken from her "incredible" experience playing Down Under.

"By the time I got out of my own strict quarantine, because I'd been overseas, everybody was essentially in quarantine anyway. Everyone was doing the same things because Leo [Varadkar] made the announcement.

"But I haven't been up to a huge amount. It was nice coming home and being in quarantine because I got over the jet lag at a really slow pace and didn't have to get back into work or anything.

"So I've been enjoying it but I'm just trying to follow all the appropriate measures and what's being asked of us by the government."

She also praised the club in Melbourne for being "ahead of the curve" regarding measures and preparations for the impact of the coronavirus and in helping her and Dublin team-mate Sinead Goldrick to get home.

"They were really conscious of what was happening in Ireland and they were in touch with the Irish consulate the whole time because they were really concerned about the prospect of us getting stuck there.

"So Melbourne came to us and we're like, 'Girls, we're getting on a flight home as soon as possible'. Within 24 hours of them saying that, we were on a flight home.

"But we put up huge resistance to it because we're both very competitive but when all the experts are telling you what to do, you can't really ignore them no matter how much of a competitor you are."

She added: "I do think it would have been very difficult for us had we been given the choice. Myself and Sinead probably both would have stayed and it might not have been the best thing for us in the end because some of the girls did have a bit of trouble getting home and I know now that there is a serious travel ban in Australia.

"So I would have been devastated to be there, locked down there instead of being here locked down in my own apartment closer to my family."

As for the experience of playing Women's AFL prior to the suspension of sporting activities due to the pandemic, McEvoy described it as "incredible" and that the sport is going from strength to strength.

"We had an amazing experience. The girls were so patient with us," she added.