Earlier on Wednesday, Cork footballer Brian Hurley took to social media to call on people to respect the 'Stay At Home' protocols currently in place during the coronavirus pandemic.

On his Twitter account, the Castlehaven club man highlighted the concern of locals in west Cork where his mother works in a shop regarding the "big increase in holiday makers coming down with the fine weather" ahead of the Easter weekend.

The 28-year-old joined RTÉ 2fm's Game On to discuss the importance of abiding by the protocols and why he felt compelled to make his voice heard on the matter.

"People need to use their heads a bit more and just follow the advice we've been given by the HSE and the government," he said.

"There have been a few different [car] regs in west Cork over the last few days and it's just not the right time.

"My mother in the shop, she sees different faces coming in each day and there are a lot of vulnerable people [in the area] and they're just very worried and nearly afraid to come into the shop.

"People need to use their heads a bit more, listen to the advice and stay in their own homes.

"Everyone wants to get back to normality and their normal lives. But I think until we start doing what the professionals are telling us, that won't happen."

He added that "travelling is just not an option" at present and that the "shooting off to the coastlines is a bit mad and that's why I highlighted it".

"I know it's probably harder with kids and what not to get out of the city and to chill out when you have a big back garden in west Cork or wherever it is," Hurley continued. 

"But as I said, the professionals are saying not to do it and they're the ones who know best."

Like every sportsperson, Hurley does have the challenge of trying to stay active and as close to peak fitness as he can.

"I'm just trying to fill my diary each day and keep a routine," he said.

"It's very weird because you're training fairly hard. You'd be out four or five days a week and you're pushing yourself and you don't know what you're training for or when you'll actually be performing.

"It's hard to set a peak or what exactly you're training for. But it's enjoyable. I like training anyway."

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