Dublin footballer Jack McCaffrey has sent a special message to the Irish public thanking them for their efforts to minimise the impact of the coronavirus while calling for everyone to keep pulling in the right direction.

The five-time All-Ireland winner is a doctor at Temple Street Children's Hospital in Dublin.

He, like all those working in the health sector, is braced for an incredibly trying period as the virus continues to spread and he has posted a message appealing to the country to continue to follow the appropriate advice.

"I'm still getting used to seeing my own clean-shaven face, it's the first time in a long time I've been like that, and the reason for that is because it helps those of us who work in hospitals to protect ourselves and protect our patients while we're dealing with people who have the Covid-19 disease," he said in a video posted to Twitter.

"I'm just looking to ask that everybody else continues to do their bit to help out with that as well, whether that be washing their hands coming in and out of the house, avoiding public gatherings, I just want to thank everybody who's been helping so far and re-emphasise how important they are.

"Please, please, please do continue to follow those instructions and thank you very much."

On Saturday Dr Tony Holohan issued his own message to the people of Ireland: "We ask people, in as much as possible, to reduce their discretionary social activity and that means some of the traditional social activity that we enjoy in pubs and restaurants and for people to be aware that there are restaurants and other locations that have tried in an innovative way to implement social distancing arrangements."

Ireland rugby stars Keith Earls and Ciara Griffin have both urged the public to heed Dr Holohan's advice.