The new back pass rule following kickouts will be used in the 2020 All Ireland Senior Football Championship, it was confirmed this morning.

Any player who receives a kick-out cannot pass it directly back to his goalkeeper under the new rule passed at Congress at the weekend.

The penalty proposed for a breach of this rule would be a free-kick awarded to the opposition from the position the goalkeeper receives the pass, or if the goalkeeper is inside the 13m line when in receipt of the pass the free will be from the 13m line opposite where the foul occurs.

GAA director general Tom Ryan told their website "The standard position is, it comes in a month after congress and we are actually going to do that, with the exception of the National Football League final.

"A club is entitled to come up with an idea, bring a motion, if people like it and it finds favour, let it go. 

"The tricky little thing – and we all do it a bit – is that it's for every football match. It's not just for inter-county matches.

"So we tossed it around for a few minutes downstairs at Central Council and pretty much everybody at the table had a perspective: 'Our league has already started’ and ‘our league is starting in three weeks’ time and has an interregnum of two months and then gets going again.’

"The cleanest way to do it that we concluded was we’d just come in with it."