Oisin McConville questioned the tactics used by Dublin in their Allianz League win over Donegal and in particular the way they closed out the game. 

Scuffles at the end of the game. All a bit unsightly when it happens, but a ploy used by teams to close things out, protect a lead and disrupt their opponents' momentum.

On Saturday evening at Croke Park we were served up another undedifying denouement that resulted in Dublin's John Small and Michael Murphy of Donegal being sent off.

In truth, there was a lot of off-the-ball stuff going on at the end of a contest where the Dubs ran out one-point winners.

Oisin McConville wasn't happy with what he witnessed on Jones' Road and referred back to the incident where David Clifford saw red against Tyrone after he was dragged to the ground.  

Speaking on Allianz League Sunday, he said: "What have we been talking about all week? We have been talking about the Clifford incident over and over and over again.

"I'm a referee ahead of the Dublin-Donegal game, I'm saying that common sense must prevail.

"Why would Michael Murphy get embroiled in that situation at that stage of the game?

"Two Dublin players were hanging out of him. In the last 24 hours, we have been talking about 'closing out the game'. 

"If it's Tyrone the last day (against Kerry) it's cynicism and it needs to be stamped out. 

"If it's going to be stamped out for Tyrone, it needs to be stamped out from a Dublin point of view.

"Saturday night was a clear example of how Dublin are ruthless and they close out games - but they are also cynical." 

Also on the programme, Seán Cavanagh asked what are the officials doing when such skirmishes break out?

He added: "The frustrating thing for a player is that you know there is a linesman five metres away to your right, two umpires 30 metres behind you and this stuff goes on all the time.

"Guys get targeted and we don't protect them well enough."