A new season, with proposed new rule changes in place for the National Camogie League. More doub-headers with hurling across the spring with the hope of getting more people watching the sport.

This weekend sees the start of the Littlewoods Leagues and that's where the new set of rules will be trialled.

Changes on scoring with the hand, quick puck-outs, taking frees from the hand and physical contact will all be scrutinised over the next months, before a decision is made for potential proposals for permanent playing rule changes at the Camogie Association's annual congress in 2021.   


Last year's All-Ireland senior final between Galway and Kilkenny was certainly an entertaining affair, much more pleasing on the eye than previous deciders.

"A lot of people were talking more positively about our game in the aftermath of last year's final," revealed Kilkenny's Katie Power when she spoke to RTÉ Sport ahead of the commencement of the league.

"We train to be as strong and as fast as we can so at least now we are going to be allowed show what kind of athletes we are.

"I think this year the product is only going to improve and hopefully it will be a bumper year for camogie."

As for the tinkering of the rules, Galway's Heather Cooney added that "players have been anxious to see the rules issue addressed".

If anything the Tribes defender envisages a day that camogie will be on a par with hurling.

"It will be interesting to see how they (rule changes) pan out. There are pros and to cons to all of them I suppose.

"It's good to see the game evolving - in that it's similar to hurling - no dropping of the hurl, no handpass goals. The last change, I'd certainly be in favour of."

Indeed both Cooney and Power are pleased that camogie will get to showcase itself in bigger stadiums during the spring.

"More live games on television, more exposure to the public and hopefully more spectators going to see a sport they may not have travelled to see before" . That's Cooney's expectation ahead of a season where Galway will defend their league and championship crowns.

Power added: "You want to be playing in stadiums with lots of people there. That's definitely a big thing for us. It's not all about the latter stages of the championship. It's now going to be two games of hurling."