For most of the last decade, Donegal have been among the leading half a dozen or so counties in football. In 2012, they had a seat all to themselves at the top table when they claimed Sam Maguire.

Some of that side are still involved and in the first year of a new decade, RTÉ pundit Kevin McStay certainly likes the look of Declan Bonner's side.

Speaking on Allianz League Sunday, McStay, while assessing the draw with Mayo in their opening Allianz FL Division 1 fixture, said: "When they have their full side out they are very formidable because they are big, athletic, rangy players with a  nice touch on the ball whether by hand or by foot. They are well able to score."

And while Donegal will be cross with themselves that they didn't finish out the game against their Connacht opponents, the former Roscommon manager feels that it will only be a minor blip when set against their potential going forward.

"They left the game against Mayo behind them; Mayo essentially robbed it, but you have to finish out a game.

"They'll be disappointed but they'll be fine going forward into the summer. They are going to be a contender deep into the summer and Mayo won't be far behind."