Tomás Ó Sé has predicted that Gaelic football's new advanced mark rule will lead to "absolute bedlam".

The former Kerry All-Ireland winner was discussing the new rules on RTE2's Saturday GAA Live ahead of Dublin and Kerry's Allianz League opener at Croke Park and aired his opposition to the advanced mark.

As the rule states, a mark can be called when a forward or defensive player catches a ball cleanly that has been kicked from on or outside the 45 metre line - once the ball has travelled at least 20 metres. The player awarded an advanced mark will then have 15 seconds to take a kick.

For attacking catches within the 13 metre line, the play is brought back to that line.

But Ó Sé believes it is an unnecessary addition to the GAA rule book.

"It was brought in because there was a lot of defensive football," he said.

"I take that. Three or four years ago there was a lot of defensive football.

"But because you get the likes of Kerry and Dublin toppling and showing teams how to beat a defensive blanket, it doesn't become necessary anymore."

O Se outlined the negatives he believes the mark will bring to football.

"I think it's fundamentally changed the game of football. You're giving a free for catching a mark," he said.

"If a guy catches [the ball] inside the 13 yard line, the goalie's not allowed to challenge him for four steps and the corner back isn't allowed to challenge him for four steps. Then it's a free chance at goal."

He added that it is "morphing into a game of Aussie Rules" and will make the game "too stop-start", before going on to describe it as "absolutely bedlam".

"I think the GAA need to show leadership. We don't need this in our game," he said.