Tyrone manager Mickey Harte admitted that Cathal McShane has been "wooed" by people within the AFL and says he's "saddened" that former Gaelic footballers are acting as recruiting sergeants for Australian rules football. 

It was reported last week that the 24-year-old McShane, who won an all-star in 2019, was on the brink of switching to Aussie Rules, with Brisbane Lions identified as his destination.

This morning, however, rival club Adelaide Crows announced that McShane would be joining them instead.    

Speaking to BBC Sport yesterday after Tyrone's six-point win over Cavan in the Dr McKenna Cup, Harte confirmed that McShane was considering a switch to Aussie Rules.  

"All I can say is he has been wooed by some people in the AFL. He's going out there for a few days to experience what that might be like. There's no final decision made yet as to whether he's going to go or whether he's going to stay with us. But at the moment, he's certainly considering that move.

"I was trying to enlighten him to the fact that there's lots of good things that can happen for him by staying here. And the things that he's going out there to try to do are very much more variable." 

The Tyrone boss has long made known his wariness about the GAA's engagement with the AFL, having repeatedly called for the international rules series to be scrapped. 

The GAA, in Harte's view, had "warmed the market" for a rival organisation and yesterday he expressed sadness that former Gaelic footballers were now part of the AFL recruiting drive. 

"As you would know, I've not been a fan of the engagement we've had with the AFL over many, many years now. 

"It used to be in the past that we had unknown Australians try to woo our players out to the AFL league. Now we have ex-Gaelic players doing it, which really saddens me. We've got recruits for the AFL within our own ranks of the GAA and that's sad. 

"Always, the case was people are allowed to go and play professional sport if they so choose to do it, and I never had any objection to that. But I never would have thought that another organisation should be creating a warm market for that other organisation to come and take our players.

"By all means, if Cathal McShane wants to go and play Australian rules football, then that's his prerogative to do so, and I wish him the best if he can do that. I would rather him stay at home. I think there would be a far better future for him if he stayed at home within the ranks of the GAA, within Tyrone and the whole of the country."

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