The Club Players Association and the Gaelic Players Associations, the inter-county representative body, have released a joint statement calling for the club-only windows in the calendar to be lengthened. 

The call comes as the GAA prepares to take its Fixtures Review Task Force report to regional seminars to get feedback from the various stakeholders. 

The two bodies have agreed on the principal that "the club is the primary basic unit of the GAA from which everything springs" and that "the inter-county game is the GAA's biggest promotional and developmental tool...and must be fully recognised in restructuring our national games calendar."

They have called for club window in April / May to be of six weeks' duration "to allow the fairest opportunity for the window to be successfully utilised".

They also want the club window following the All-Ireland senior football final to last a minimum of nine weeks before the provincial club championships begin. 

The CPA and GPA say that the club windows will only work if all provinces start their inter-county championships on the same date and that "November should be used exclusively as an off season for inter-county players", except for clubs taking part in the provincial championships. 

The two associations also want the GAA to put strong governance and guidelines in place to ensure the club windows are properly observed in every county.

Michéal Briody, Chairman of the CPA, said: "The one common ground that the CPA have always shared with the GPA is the recognition that the current fixtures calendar doesn't work fairly for any set of players.

"The CPA have advocated for a radical structural change to the fixtures calendar since our formation in 2017.

"It is important now that the options for change put forward from the Task Force are disseminated to clubs immediately so that the debate can begin nationwide on what level of change is acceptable." 

CEO of the GPA Paul Flynn said: "One of our core pillars is to protect the welfare of our members. 

"It is therefore vital that fixtures are properly governed to ensure the fundamental link between club and inter-county players is fully recognised and strengthened within the fixtures calendar."