The GAA's Fixture Review Task Force will report its findings on Wednesday when it is expected that there will be three proposals around football Championship structures.

Last month the Club Players Association (CPA) withdrew from the Task Force, describing it "a Trojan horse" to provide the illusion of willingness to change and accused the GAA of failing to consider all options in good faith.

On Wednesday it is expected that three proposals will be put forward.

One is a condensed version of the current format, another would see the abandonment of the provincial structures in favour of four conferences of eight, while the third would see the League and Championship effectively flipped.

The GAA responded to the withdrawal of the CPA by insisting that the players’ body was heard and that the Task Force "analysed submissions, proposals and comments across a wide range of issues as outlined in their Terms of Reference".

The Association also pointed out that it had to take into consideration the "sometimes conflicting views and needs of the various stakeholders involved and the many individuals and groups that it consulted."