And so we will have an extra dimension to next year's football championship.

A yet unnamed Tier 2 competition will see Division 3 and Division 4 teams, as of the end of the 2020 Allianz League, who don't make their respective provincial finals taking part.

The green light for this change came after 75.5% of county delegates voted in favour of the proposal at the GAA's Special Congress in Páirc Uí Chaoimh.

A successful day then for GAA president John Horan based on the emphatic nature of the acceptance, with Horan telling RTE GAA correspondent Brian Carthy: "I'm delighted for the Leitrims and Wicklows of this world who initially approached me to see could we get this on the floor of Central Council. It gathered momentum and I was quite surprised that we were coming to a Special Congress 18 months into my term; I thought it would have taken longer.

"I'm delighted for Leitrim and Wicklow and it shows the democratic nature of our organisation that two counties could ask for a change of this nature."

Of course not everybody is happy, with GAA Fixtures Calendar Review Task Force still to reveal their findings. They were hoping that such a decision could have been delayed until November. Horan added that "the opinion of Central Council and the counties who were in favour was that we should move ahead now".

He also revealed that it would be 2021 before the Task Force findings will be enacted.

Speaking on RTÉ Radio's Saturday Sport, Kevin McStay had mixed views about this new competition. 

"From what I gather, eight of the counties who could be involved next year voted against it," he said.

"That doesn't bode well for the inaugural staging.

"Tier 2 is a lovely idea if you get to a semi-final, you will have played four games, five if you get to the final. You can develop. If you win it, you are guaranteed Sam Maguire the following year.

"Any coach or manager will tell you if you are developing a team, you must be playing regular games and enough of them during the summer - that's when team develop their skills and togetherness.

"I think having a pool element to it would be beneficial to all. Every team will then have a minimum of four games in the summer.

"The GAA have promised that they'll give this new venture a big push, live TV coverage of the semi-finals and finals. Still, it will need the buy-in from all involved."

The worry, according to The Sunday Game analyst, is that "Aer Lingus and America" could be more enticing to some after their provincial exit. 

"That will always be a concern. Let's say you're a Kildare, Roscommon or Armagh player and you get relegated from Division 2, will you be willing to keep going for this Tier 2 event?

"That said, Division 2 will be really interesting in the spring. Of all the teams involved, Clare looked the best equipped to get to a provincial final."