The GAA have revealed details of the motions to be voted on at this month's Special Congress in Cork.

The proposed introduction of a Tier 2 senior football Championship is the main decision to be made at Pairc Ui Rinn on 19 October.

If the Special Congress passes this motion, in 2020 only teams from Division 1 and Division 2 of the Allianz Football League will be eligible for the All-Ireland qualifiers along with any counties from the lower two divisions that happen to make their respective provincial final.

Division 3 and 4 teams will go straight into a tier two championship, which will be run on a straight knock-out basis. From 2021, the Tier 2 winners would also be guaranteed a spot in the qualifiers, regardless of League placings.

Delegates will vote to decide whether 'Division 3 and 4 teams' will be designated as such based on their final League standings, incorporating promotion and relegation, as of April 2019 or April 2020.

Other motions to be decided include the following, which were trialled in this year's League:

  • The introduction of the attacking mark inside the 45m line
  • The alteration of the punishment for black card cynical fouls to a 10-minute sin-bin rather than permanent substitution, and a reduction in the number of subs allowed from six to five as a result
  • Kick-outs will now be taken from the 20m rather than the 13m line and must travel forward

The motions in full are available here