Tyrone selector Gavin Devlin has been hit with a 24-week suspension following his conduct as a supporter at an underage game.

Croke Park's Central Hearings Committee (CHC) upheld the suspension proposed by the Central Competitions Control Committee (CCCC) following incidents during an Under-15 inter-county game between Tyrone and Down on 27 July.

He was accused of 'disruptive conduct by a supporter not causing the premature termination of a game’.

Devlin, who works alongside Tyrone boss Mickey Harte, didn’t accept the punishment proposed by the CCCC and chose to request a hearing in front of the CHC, who found the alleged infraction proven.

Devlin now has the option to go to the GAA’s Central Appeals Committee in an attempt to have his punishment overturned.

Assuming that the suspension starts from the issuing of the CHC’s findings on Thursday, Devlin will be ruled out of all involvement with the Tyrone squad until early March, well into the 2020 Allianz League campaign.

Former Tipperary hurler Eoin Brislane has been suspended for a total of 16 weeks arising from an incident in Tipp’s Under-15 Arrabawn Hurling Tournament match with Wexford on 31 August.

The CCCC had proposed two separate bans on the grounds that Brislane had used abusive language towards of a referee and for ‘any type of assault of a referee’ under Rule 7.2 (c) of the official guide.

The CHC upheld the first of those, imposing a four-week ban, though found the second alleged infraction unproven. They found, however, find that ‘the evidence presented did disclose a lesser infraction’.

That infraction was ‘minor physical interference with a referee’ and imposed a 12-week suspension.

Like Devlin, Brislane can ask for his case to go before the CAC.