GPA chief executive Paul Flynn says giving all players from all counties a chance to win their relevant competitions is a key objective of the organisation ahead of their AGM in Meath this weekend.  

The GPA is submitting four motions for their members' consideration on Saturday, concerning the development of closer links with the WGPA (Women's Gaelic Players Association), the current online expenses platform for inter-county players, and a motion to review the GAA's concussion management guidelines. 

Another motion surrounds what the GPA are terming 'competitive balance', a phrase borrowed from the AFL (Australian Football League), which seeks to foster greater 'equalisation' within the sport, giving every player from every team a reasonable chance of winning. 

"We've four motions going to the AGM and one of them is around competitive balance," Flynn told RTÉ Sport this afternoon. 

"It came from the players. There's a number of players who've been in touch with the GPA with regard to resources for their teams, in regards to structures."

The AFL, whom Flynn cites as an influence on the GPA's current thinking, has long been concerned with 'equalisation' within their sport. 

Flynn hinted at the obvious difficulties of following the Aussie Rules template to the letter. Many of the AFL's equalisation measures, such as the (decades old) priority draft pick system and the salary cap, are either not applicable or difficult to transpose onto the GAA. 

However, the CEO cites as inspiration their 2015 competitive balance policy, which includes measures such as refinancing of the poorest clubs along with caps on football department spending.

Flynn and the GPA do not yet specify any concrete measures for 'competitive balance' but argue a task force should be set up to examine the issue. 

"Looking and learning from the AFL, in 2015, they rolled out a competitive balance policy within their games. It was under very different headings than what would probably be relatable for the GAA. But it had an equalisation strategy that was focused on all the teams having a chance to win their different competitions. 

"I believe in getting a working task force together, similar to a fixtures task force working group, where you get an eclectic mix of key stakeholders within the GAA looking at competitive balance within hurling and football and seeing what kind of policy we can formulate from that.

"It'll be to ensure that all squads have a chance of winning any particular game or competition within a given year.

"Players love the league and there's a reason for that. It's because they feel there's a chance of winning a competition. There is an appetite for change." 

Flynn reiterated the GPA's call for the deferment of the vote on the GAA's second-tier championship proposal, set to be decided upon at a special Congress in Cork next month. 

"We've been quite vocal in that regard whereby there is a fixtures task force set up currently, doing some fantastic work with a great group of key stakeholders within the GAA.

"Part of their role is to look at championship structures and the overall calendar year. We're delighted to be part of that group. We believe that group should be defining what any championship structures look like."