Former Dublin footballer Denise Masterson believes it's important that Ladies Football moves beyond the excitement about All-Ireland final day crowds to ensuring that spectators flock to games earlier in the season. 

As now seems to happen every year, today's All-Ireland finals day saw more crowd growth with a record 56,114 attending, a six-thousand strong increase on last year. 

Speaking on The Sunday Game, Masterson commended the LGFA for the huge strides being made in attracting attendances in recent years but expressed the hope that this buzz now extends to the quarter-finals and the semi-finals. 

"56,000 for me is amazing. But more important for me is that 10,000 people witnessed the semi-finals this year because I do think we have to start moving away from the All-Ireland day being the flagship day that everyone watches ladies football.

"Because that wasn't the greatest spectacle of ladies football in the championship this year. The semi-finals were superb games but unfortunately only a fifth of the crowd got to witness that live in Croke Park, it really was a fantastic double header.

"The LGFA have to be given great credit for the push they put in for the semi-final and I'm sure they're to keep trying to come up with innovative ideas to keep getting the game out there more."