Cora Staunton has said she is looking forward to a return with Carnacon after the "mental battle" to recover from a extremely bad leg break.

Staunton is also planning a return with GSW Giants despite that career-threatening injury in May.

The Mayo star is back in Ireland for a two-month period and will then return to the AFL club.

She told RTÉ Sport: "I just got back in on Wednesday. I'm back home for eight to 10 weeks. The leg is healing. It was a really bad break. I broke my leg in three places and broke my ankle as well.

"It has been a hard 18 or 19 weeks of rehab and recovery but back up running in the last six or seven weeks and hope to be back playing in the near future.

"I did a bit at [Carnacon training] on Wednesday. It has been a very big challenge both physically and mentally for me and I'm not getting any younger.

"It was more of a mental battle than anything. You have to decide is that your career over and finished like that.

"Anyone who knows me knows I'm probably a bit stubborn and I see this as another challenge."

Staunton thanked her club in Australia and confirmed she is planning for next season. 

"I've been lucky. In Australia I've had great support with the Giants. I've been in the club six days away since about two weeks after the break. It is going well.

"I'm looking forward to 2020 with the Giants and the next couple of weeks with Carnacon."