Sean Cavanagh described the current Dublin team "as close to unbeatable" as the Sunday Game panel matched them up against the Kerry side which was denied the five in a row in 1982. 

Jim Gavin's side have become the first senior men's team to complete the five in a row at inter-county level, successfully achieving what Kerry famously came within a whisker of doing in 1982. 

The two teams are now pre-eminent in the pantheon of Gaelic football and are naturally often compared with one another. 

For Colm O'Rourke, a key difference between the teams is the level of player turnover. 12 of the Kerry starting team which won the 1978 All-Ireland final were on the first XV when they were pipped by Offaly in 1982. 

Dublin, by contrast, have kept winning despite a greater degree of player turnover, with only seven of today's first XV playing from the start in 2015. 

"The bulk of that Kerry team were going for their fifth in a row. Whereas six of seven started for Dublin today who started the first one (2015)," said O'Rourke.

"There's been a huge turnover in players for Dublin and they are still able to bring in players like Eoin Murchan. The Dublin era hasn't finished. We could be talking about six or seven in a row here."

His Sunday Game colleague, five-time All-Ireland winner Tomás Ó Sé, was less inclined to think Dublin would go on winning remorselessly, speculating that a number of senior players may depart. 

"The drive of those Dublin players. The guys that started out on those 2011 team to be still there today. Seven All-Irelands medals in the modern era with the teams you've had knocking on the door. Back in the 70s and 80s, maybe there wasn't as many competitive teams. 

"But there's no doubt that you could be talking about three or four of the squad walking away with the five in a row. And we don't know what Jim Gavin is going to do."

For Sean Cavanagh, Dublin are the greatest team he's seen, not just in Gaelic football, but across a range of sports. 

"Probably the greatest sports team of all time. I follow soccer, basketball. I spend my time trying to think up ways to beat this Dublin team.

"And that's probably the best way to give them credit. Because to me they're as close to unbeatable I've seen in any sporting arena.

"It's relentless what they're doing."