Brian Hogan - 6
Made one vital save, though may well feel he should have done better for Wexford's first two goals.

Cathal Barrett - 7
A mixed bag for the corner-back, got the run-around off Paul Morris at times, who got 0-02, but still managed to clear a lot of ball. Most importantly, he finished strong.

Seamus Kennedy - 7
Passed a number of markers through his hands on a busy afternoon in the Tipperary defence, mainly at half-back, and coped well.

Barry Heffernan - 7
Managed to keep Lee Chin to a goal from play, the Wexford man nailed 0-09 from placed balls, and was taken off after a good shift with less than ten minutes to go.

Brendan Maher - 7
Found himself pinned back at times and got all he wanted of it off Rory O’Connor, though looked good when he surged out of defence. Another strong finisher.

Ronan and Paudie Maher tackle Conor McDonald

Paudie Maher - 6
Tipperary’s spare man in defence couldn’t exert a huge influence because Wexford chose not to hit high ball in on top of him.

Ronan Maher - 8
Did well on Conor McDonald, even though the Wexford man got 2-01 from play, and the Tipp half-back was immense in the closing stages.

Noel McGrath - 9
Got four from play alternating between half-forward and centre-field and he, more than anyone, led them after they went a man and five points down.

Michael Breen - 6
Threw himself into everything, but didn’t managed to put his stamp on this game and he was called ashore after 53 minutes.

Dan McCormack - 5
Picked at wing-forward, played mainly in the frenetic midfield and he was the first man taken off when Liam Sheedy looked to change things up.

John O’Dwyer - 6
Couldn’t find a way out of the prison Shaun Murphy put him in, though came into it well once he moved away from the Wexford wing-back.

Niall O’Meara - 6
Wasn’t able to get into this game, though he set up Callahan’s goal, and Tipp management replaced him with Mark Kehoe after 55 minutes.

Jason Ford pressureises Matthew O'Hanlon

Jason Forde - 8
Hard to argue with a haul of 0-12, including eight frees, two ’65’s and a pair from play. Wexford thought enough of him to send Matthew O’Hanlon to mark him.

Séamus Callanan - 9
Brilliant finish on the half-volley for his first half goal, added two points and his leadership was illustrated when he turned up in his own half-backs to win the final puck-out of the day.

John McGrath - 4
Didn’t score and got himself sent-off. He’ll be a relieved man that his team won without him and that he’s not suspended for the final.

Tipp sub Jake Morris

Willie Connors (For McCormack 51 mins) - 7

Clipped the point right on the stroke of 70 minutes that brought Tipp back level.

Ger Browne (for Breen 53 mins) - 7
Tipperary’s first sub in, made a contribution in general play and scored a point.

Mark Kehoe (for O’Meara 55 mins) - 7
Raised a vital white flag late on and made a difference in the hectic closing stages.

Alan Flynn (for Heffernan 64 mins) - 6
Tipperary’s only substitute brought into the defence and he worked hard.

Jake Morris (for O’Dwyer 67 mins) - Not on long enough to rate