Kerry wing-back Paul Murphy says he's not bothered whether the team finish top of their group so long as they qualify for the semi-finals. 

The high-scoring draw with Donegal in Croke Park on Sunday means the Munster champions retain a slender points difference advantage at the top of Group 1. 

They could still exit the championship should Mayo beat Donegal in Castlebar and they proceed to lose in Navan by a bigger margin. 

Crucially, however, Meath's hopes of reaching the semi-final have already been scotched while Donegal's opponents still have their fate in their hands. 

"You're neither coming or going, really. Didn't lose, didn't win it, so you're in limbo a bit," Murphy told RTÉ Sport afterwards.

 "We're both on three points. I'd say the Donegal boys are the same. We both need to have to try and get a win in the last game to get a semi-final spot.

"We won't worry about finishing top or not. We'll just go up to Navan and try and get a result. Meath are a home team. They'll be putting in a big performance. We'll do our homework over the next couple of weeks and hope for the best above there."

Kerry fielded many graduates of their recent underage bonanza, with Murphy satisfied that the game will speed their development.

"Donegal have been very impressive throughout the summer. They were coming with big momentum from Ulster. They know their gameplan very well. I'd say they probably they had it. They went up a point in injury-time, then we went up a point in injury time so the draw is probably the fair result on balance. 

"Tough game, tough conditions, we're happy enough to come away with the point anyway.

"We've a lot of younger lads in that team who've played here at minor level and had good success. But a good proper championship match like that will hopefully bring us on as a team. The younger lads - and some of the older lads like myself - will learn from that and take that forward."