Cork Under-20 football manager Keith Ricken toasted one of the stars of the Rebels' Munster final victory against Kerry on Thursday night, and declared: "I remember the day he was born".

Blake Murphy rose from the bench just before half-time at at Páirc Uí Rinn to bag 1-01, taking his goal brilliantly and impressing in general play.

Murphy has played basketball for Ireland and won an All-Ireland hurling title at Under-17 level. He comes from good stock too, playing alongside his father John Paul for their club St Vincent's in the Championship this year.

Ricken has been around long enough to see both men blossom. 

"Blake Murphy was excellent," he told RTÉ Sport's Brian Carthy.

"He came off the bench and had a point to prove maybe to one degree. Blake is a very good footballer. He's a good guy. I remember the day he was born.

"I coached his father when he was nine, ten years of age and again when he was in his 30s. He's still playing. In fact Blake and his father played this year in the Championship for Vincent's and both of them were prolific scorers and a thorn in everyone's side."

Cork were full value for their 3-16 to 0-12 win over Kerry, displaying real swagger and confidence. Ricken was not surprised.

"How do you know you're doing something right? Well, every night we got training we have 40 to 45 lads turning up.

"Even though some of these lads know they're not on the 30, they still come because this is a great place and it has been all year. Every night we play 15 on 15, every night. 

"The manner in which they got the goals... we created them chances throughout the league but sometimes we'd put it the left or put it to the right. Tonight they were on fire."