For many the headline was that Galway were out of the All-Ireland championship but Eddie Brennan preferred to single one Dublin player out for special mention.

As a result of a four-point win over the Tribesmen in Parnell Park on Saturday it’s the Dubs who march on into the All-Ireland series, while Galway’s summer is over.

And one man who played a major part in that is 36-year-old Conal Keaney.

"He brings a physical presence, a bit of know-how, a bit of experience," said Kilkenny legend Brennan.

"When guys get a bit older the legs mightn’t be moving as fast but they are definitely thinking a little bit clearer and their awareness is a little bit better.

"Dublin’s attack is a little bit lightweight so having someone like him that’s able to physically impose himself on a game against a very physically imposing Galway team was very important.

"He was all over the pitch and when Joe Canning came on there was definitely marking of the territory, he made his way up to let Joe know he was in Parnell Park.

"He was industrious, he was game for work, winning that dirty ball and he waded in with three points."