Fermanagh boss Rory Gallagher has praised his side after they "emptied everything" in their Ulster SFC quarter-final defeat to Donegal.

There was six points between the sides at the end of what was a repeat of last year's provincial decider, but Fermanagh made Donegal sweat for the win.

Gallagher's players were trailing by just one point after 53 minutes, but the reigning Ulster champions imposed their authority over the final stages of the game to progress to the semi-finals.

"It was very ding dong, particularly in the first half," Gallagher told RTÉ Sport after the game.

"We were a point down at half-time and probably a wee bit disappointed. We'd a number of chances in the first half [that] dropped short.

"At the same time, I think the boys emptied everything into it and caused Donegal a wee bit of trouble. We defended quite resolutely but in fairness to Donegal, they stretched it out to three in the second half."

He added that some key moments dictated the outcome of the contest, including a fisted point from Paddy McBrearty, which put two points between the sides in the second half.

"But we came back, there was a couple of big moments, I think there was a point in it and a bounce. Michael took kind of a pot shot which we defended well. The ball skied in the air and for that to bounce and end up over the bar was a big moment in the game.

"The way we play is designed to get the better of some of those moments and Donegal an advantage like that... but to be fair to Donegal I think they kicked a couple of great scores. Ciaran Thompson and Paddy McBrearty kicked some wonder points."

Gallagher concluded by saying he was satisfied with his side's overall display and stressed that Fermanagh gave a better account of themselves compared to last year's Ulster SFC final.

"We felt very sore after last year's Ulster final, we didn't compete. We didn't bring the level of hunger and desire for breaking balls [but] I think we did that today. We ran the ball really well, I think we've improved a lot. I think we need to push on and try to improve a bit more."