Leitrim manager Terry Hyland admitted the defeat to Roscommon reminded the county of where they are as they head to the All-Ireland Football Championship qualifiers next month.

The Rossies were comfortable 3-17 to 0-12 winners in the Connacht quarter-final and left Leitrim regretting missed chances in the first period but ultimately being very much second best.

Hyland said: "The first half was all about taking the opportunities. They got three goals and coming in that gap is very hard. Our heads dropped. As I said before, Leitrim are probably four or five years behind these lads in conditioning. You could see that as the game wore on. They have a lot to work on. At least we know where we are and what we have to do to get better. We work from there.

"The first opportunity for goal fell to Leitrim and we didn't take it. We probably needed that more than Roscommon. We had two other chances for goals in the first half. In balance, it's all about finishing, we didn't do that in the first half. The gap was too far then."

Hyland felt the league promotion took some pressure off his players and that may have had a negative impact.

"You must remember Roscommon are Division 1 and Leitrim are Division 4. There's a reason for that. You have to balance that out. Leitrim are only starting out from last October or November in a cycle. The goal was to get out to Division 4 and they accomplished that.

"Perhaps there was a certain amount of contentment in the camp which as a management we probably shouldn't let happen.

"But that can happen and creep in and supporters clap them on the back maybe a bit too early in the year.

"The gap was disappointing today but if we had taken opportunities, it would have been a lot closer.

"They have to shake themselves down and get back on the horse."