Joe Brolly said that Dublin coped badly in the closing stages against Tyrone in Saturday's league defeat and suggested that this year's championship may not be "the procession" of 2018. 

Saturday's three-point defeat meant that Dublin will miss out on the League final for the first time since 2012, and the first time in the Jim Gavin era.

Speaking on League Sunday on RTÉ, Brolly praised Tyrone's more direct and attacking approach, arguing that they had followed the ideal template to beat Dublin.  

"Tyrone were superb. They've clearly worked on this in training. They've played a laborious handpassing game for a decade since Jim McGuinness scared Mickey Harte into abandoning traditional attacking principles. 

"But last night, it was long ball immediately so the Dublin sweeper couldn't get into position. They were continually running with their backs to the play and the last time I saw that was in the 2014 All-Ireland semi-final. 

"Dublin are set-up to play against blanket defensive teams which is why Mayo always trouble them. Out of Tyrone's 1-14, 1-10 came from long, early diagonal balls before Dublin were able to set themselves.

"Philly McMahon said before the game that it was nonsense that the Dublin full-back line were vulnerable under an early long ball. Well, we saw it here. If Philly was trying some propaganda, it hasn't worked.

"And this is the template. This is the way to play the game against them. In the last 16 minutes, we saw something I haven't seen before. A Dublin team panicking."

Dublin's uncharacteristically ropey league form, combined with the resurgent, if occasionally patchy, form of Kerry, Tyrone and Mayo has, for Brolly, indicated that the championship may be slightly less predictable in 2019. 

"Now, you're looking at the Dubs, you're looking at Tyrone, Kerry and Mayo and you're saying hey, we could have a championship this year. Because last year was a kind of a blue procession.

"I really don't feel confident that Dublin are simply going to turn it back on again because there. Obviously there's no one that can play like Corofin! 

"But it was a most heartening weekend for GAA followers."