In 2009, a plan was announced to redevelop Casement Park in Belfast that envisaged a 38,000 capacity for the upgraded venue and a place where future Ulster finals would be held.

Ten years on and not a piece of ground has been moved amid many setbacks.

A legal challenge in 2014 was upheld relating to the planning approval for the project. And then three years later revised plans for a 34,000 capacity were submitted to the Department of Infrastructure, but the absence of the executive in Northern Ireland's power-sharing Government has led to no discussions on those plans.

In related news on GAA stadia, it was revealed three weeks ago that the completion of a report into the cost of the Páirc Uí Chaoimh stadium redevelopment has now returned an estimated figure of €95.8million. 

That figure is close to €10million more than what the Cork County Board had projected. 

And while GAA officials in Ulster remain confident that an upgrade of the west Belfast venue will happen, news today emerged, perhaps not surprisingly, that the projected overall cost has risen.

Cavan v Down in a 2006 Ulster championship meeting at Casement Patrk

Tom Daly, Chairman of the Casement Park Project Board told RTÉ News: "At one stage the original project was costed at over £80million. The final cost plan after we went to tender came in around £77million.

"We are now in the scenario of a project that will be delivered five years late but we now see the cost moving to around £110million."

Explaining the increase, Daly added: "Some of the elements that go towards the additional cost would include some change in statutory regulations, construction inflation and so on.  

"The GAA is standing by its position to put £15million into the project." (Stormont has already pledged £62.5million)

With the IFA and IRFU, for a few years now showcasing their their new-look Windsor Park and Kingspan Stadium respectively, it was put to Daly that the GAA in Ulster could be "the bridesmaids outside the church door, not even at the altar", by reporter Tommie Gorman.

"We remain resolutely committed to delivering the project," was Daly's response.

Tom Daly

"Our planning application has been lodged for the past two years. We have a level of frustration with how long it has taken to complete that process. We are continuing to focus on that and clearly aligned with that we had to submit an update full-business case.

"That's going through the process with the Department of Communities at the moment and will go on to Finance ultimately. I can see that process taking another few months.

"We believe that the updated project design meets and deals with a lot of the issues raised by residents which came out of British Cabinet Office review of the project. That review found the project viable, which came out of the High Court case in 2014."

The former Ulster council is now hoping for a "two-and-a-half-year" delivery project for the new Casement Park.

"What we are hopeful of is a two and a half year delivery period. That's what we remain focused on"

"On the critical path to get to that point the first thing that has to happen is that the updated project has to receive planning permission. We believe everything is in place for the planners to make a recommendation.

"In recent days, there is an indication from the Department of Infrastructure that the absence of ministers won't necessarily be an impediment to the ultimate planning decision being made.

"We have to achieve approval for the final business case and an agreement has to be place for the shared funding of the project. The latter is the one that concerns us as there would be a requirement for a Minister for Finance to be in place. Those bridges have to be crossed before we can know for sure when we can deliver this.

"When the necessary approvals are received we will be in a position to issue a construction notice within about three months. It would then take two years to build the project.

"Depending on what happens over the next couple of months in relation to the Government's arrangement in the north and the final business case it could come earlier than that.

"What we are hopeful of is a two and a half year delivery period. That's what we remain focused on."