Westmeath manager Sean Finnegan was left fuming yesterday at the facilities on offer for players for the Division 1 meeting between Dublin and his own side in St Clare's in DCU. 

In grim weather conditions, Dublin and Westmeath met in a Lidl National Football League clash, the hosts and reigning All-Ireland champions winning in the end by five points

However, Finnegan, while stressing that he is loath to make a fuss, was deeply unhappy at what he reported as the absence of a dugout or any semblance of shelter for his substitutes and the lack of a proper dressing room for the entire panel beforehand. 

"I'm not anxious to make a big scene out of it," he told RTÉ Sport. 

"I just felt that (we had a situation where) a Division 1 game between Westmeath and the All-Ireland champions was played in DCU yesterday where there was no dugouts, no shelters, no stand.

"It was an horrendous day and people were charged €10 to come into a venue which was just not suitable. 

"You had 20 girls (substitutes and wider panel) standing in the cold on the side of the pitch with nothing, no shelter or anything.

"There was no dressing rooms, there were changing rooms in which you can fit five or six people. But they're not dressing rooms, they're for students to go in and change when they're going to the gym.

"So before the game, I had my team togging out in three different rooms.

"I just said that in this day and age in Dublin, within a five kilometres radius, you have some of the best facilities in the country. 

"Jimmy Gavin wouldn't put up with it. We wouldn't do it ourselves in Westmeath to the All-Ireland champions.

"I didn't want to make an issue of it before the game, and I didn't really want to make an issue of it afterwards. But I felt this is just totally unacceptable in this day and age."

Sunday's encounter was Dublin's third home league game of the 2019 season but the previous two, against Donegal and Mayo, were played at Croke Park as part of the double headers with the men's team. 

But the DCU venue has been used for league games in previous years.

Dublin LGFA had no comment to make but RTÉ Sport understands that they are surprised by the complaints and they have played league matches at the venue before with no problem. 

We drove by Parnell Park and we drove by Abbotstown which both have facilities. There's loads of top quality places in Dublin that have the best of facilities

Finnegan acknowledges that the playing surface was excellent and that weather conditions exacerbated the situation but he still insists that the facilities weren't up to scratch under any conditions. 

"Someone said to me that you'd accept it if it was down the country. No, I wouldn't actually! But in Dublin. We drove by Parnell Park and we drove by Abbotstown which both have facilities. There's loads of top quality places in Dublin that have the best of facilities. 

"When I say I don't want to make an issue, yes I do in certain respects. I don't want to be bitching and moaning. But I felt that if no one says anything, it'll happen again. 

"Dublin played their two other home league games in Croke Park, they were double headers. So, this was their first game in Dublin outside Croke Park. 

"We kind of had a heads-up the day before, 'Sean, there's no dugouts or anything in this pitch.' I said that i  presumed they'd have something put up. But they hadn't.

"I don't want to be bitching about Dublin. But I just feel it wasn't good enough in this day and age. 

"It's 2019 in Ireland and this is Division 1 senior, and it was like something in the Keystone Cops.

"The pitch was quite good, it was very good actually, there was a few spots of water but nothing major. The bad weather just highlighted everything. If the weather was fine, it would still have been unacceptable. 

"The fact that there was driving rain, a blizzard, freezing cold, that's the issue that really exacerbated the problem."