Limerick manager John Kiely criticised the consistency of referee Paud O’Dwyer in his side's thrilling draw with Clare in Cusack Park.

Kiely was unhappy with the yardage O’Dwyer awarded the Banner following remonstrations from the Limerick players, and Kiely believes it made a big difference.

"A couple of balls were brought forward for frees and that make a big difference in terms of free-taking for them, and for us on the other side we weren’t getting the same yardage maybe when they were remonstrating with our frees," Kiely told RTÉ Sport.

"I think on four occasions they remonstrated and the ball wasn’t brought forward, and on four occasions we remonstrated and it was brought forward. So, I think that’s a bit of an issue," he continued.

In difficult conditions, Limerick bossed the opening half and took a four-point lead in at the break. However, a sluggish start to the second half allowed Clare back into the game; something that greatly disappointed Kiely.

"We were very disappointed that we conceded the goal straight after half time, possibly against the run of play. I think we controlled the game for long periods up to that stage and they responded very strongly and got a goal and a point."

The draw was enough to secure Limerick’s place at the top of Division 1A and they will now face Laois in the league quarter-finals, which Kiely regards as a strong league campaign. 

"We’ve three wins and a draw out of five games, so that’s not too bad. It’s great to get a result down here. I know it’s a draw, but any day you come down here and get something you can be more than happy with it."