Cork county board chairperson Tracey Kennedy says it is likely the Páirc Ui Chaoimh pitch will have to replaced after it was deemed unacceptable to host tonight's league clash with Clare. 

The Páirc Ui Chaoimh pitch attracted much negative publicity after it cut up badly during the double header when the Cork footballers and hurlers hosted Kildare and Wexford respectively on the first Sunday of February. 

The current state of the pitch necessitated a switch to Páirc Ui Rinn for tonight's league encounter with Clare.

Speaking to RTÉ Sport ahead of tonight's live TV coverage of the Cork-Clare game, Kennedy said it was likely the pitch would need to be replaced.  

"There's still a final decision to be made on the timing of the works but it's likely we'll need to replace the pitch and we hope that it'll be fine for championship. It was last year and even though we had a similar problem, it had recovered by championship.

"The 12th of May is our target date for championship and we'll probably do repair work later in the year but the stadium board has yet to make a final decision on timing."

The Páirc Ui Chaoimh board conducted a report this week which estimated that the total cost of the redevelopment will amount to €95.8m and Kennedy says that the potential cost of repairing the pitch is built into that figure.