Sunday's FBD Connacht League final will not adopt the three handpass rule in the wake of the GAA's decision to abolish it for the Allianz Football Leagues.

The rule was also ditched for the McKenna Cup decider between Armagh and Tyrone on Saturday night.

Roscommon take on Galway in the Connacht League decider for the fifth year in a row.

Earlier today, both the Connacht and Ulster county boards made statements confirming their decision to ignore the rule for the pre-season competitions, though the other four amendments - the offensive/defensive mark, the 20m kickout, the mandatory forward sideline kick outside the 13m and the sin bin - were obeyed.

Those four remain in place for the upcoming leagues.

Connacht GAA tweeted: "Following decision made at Central Council today, and in agreement with the two counties, Connacht GAA have agreed that only the four new rules as approved will be used in tomorrow's FBD Insurance final. The proposed handpass rule will not be used in tomorrow's final."

Ulster GAA released a similar statement. 

In the wake of the decison, Tomás Ó Sé aired his belief that the GAA had "missed a trick".

"I'm not saying the three handpass rule would fix everything, but I think there's an argument there that it should have been given a go in the National League," he told RTÉ Radio 1's Saturday Sport.

"The managers, the players... their goals are short term. They're thinking short term; they're looking at how to win. But [the GAA’S Standing Committee on the Playing Rules] was challenged to look at the future of football.

"The normal person going to games right now does not like to see a lot of the way football is played. It's not as enticing to the general fan. That's what you have to listen to."