Kildare manager Cian O'Neill has welcomed the trial of the new rules in Gaelic football after his side beat Carlow in their first O'Byrne Cup game under the new regime.

"I think they all have benefits," he told RTÉ Sport of the kickout, advanced mark, sin bin and handpass changes.

"Once I knew they were coming in I was excited and our whole management team was.

"We just felt 'it is what it is, let's be pragmatic and let's work hard at trying to coach the lads to working with the rules as opposed to giving out about them."

Forward Ben McCormack served a 10-minute sin-bin for a black card while there was just one free in the game for four consecutive handpasses.

"I think we worked pretty well with the handpass rule," said O'Neill. "I've always been a fan of the offensive mark. I like the notion of using that to try and combat 13/14 men behind the ball.

"The sideline, not so much, I'm struggling to see the value of it.

"The sin bin is back in again and it's up to teams to be clever enough to maximise those 10 minutes if you're 15 v 14 and teams that suffer it to be defensively solid.

"I have no issues with the rules, we just have to learn to be better playing within them."

The Lilywhites were seven-point victors over a Carlow side that beat them in last season's Leinster Championship at Newbridge, a result that gave O'Neill great satisfaction after his side's recent return to training.

"Carlow probably have to four to six weeks of work done and they are in Division 3 now, they're going to set their sights on having a good campaign there.

"We've only three sessions done and we honestly didn't know how we would be.

"I'm delighted with the result and the performance. To kick 16 points in those conditions is fair going."