Wexford manager Davy Fitzgerald has revealed his recent health struggles – both mental and physical.

The two-time Clare All-Ireland winner comes from a family with a history of heart problems and he has had to have a number of stents inserted to clear blockages in blood vessels around his heart.

This lead to mental health problems as he struggled to deal with the fallout.

"My family history is my mam lost a number of brothers very young to heart disease," he said, speaking to Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Show.

"When people heard I got stents they were saying ‘sure look at him on the sideline, why wouldn’t he get them?’, but it’s genetic. As I say to my mam, ‘I got your genes alright!’.

"I got stents in in 2016 and I was feeling that I hadn’t much energy, but then I found out I had sleep apnea which means you aren’t getting enough oxygen in overnight and that you could stop breathing for x amount of time.

"You have to get a machine and I found it very hard; this machine where you have to wear a mask that’s blowing oxygen up your nose the whole time.

"Sharon (Fitzgerald's partner) would have seen me in the middle of the night on the side of the bed, in bits. I was trying to work it out – I had the heart thing, now I have a machine blowing oxygen up my nose, I’m in my mid-forties...

"It was getting to me. I was a fit guy, able to train seven days a week, managing people and this hit me – I found it very difficult to deal with.

"I had to make up my mind that I had to try and deal with this, and I met a really great guy in Wexford, Colm Smith, who does reflexology and helps with my nutrition and he really got my head in gear.

"We just need to learn to enjoy our health – I just need to not over think it. Let’s not look to the negative, enjoy the next day and make the best of it."