Cora Staunton doesn't think she will line out for Mayo again. 

The legendary forward, who made her debut in 1995, was part of a group of players who walked off Peter Leahy's panel during the summer citing player welfare issues and personnel reasons

"I can't see myself playing for Mayo again," Staunton told The Late Late Show.

"I'm blessed, I've played with Mayo for 24 years. There are not many that can say they've played with their county for that long. 

"There is [more in me] but I've the club, Carnacon. 

"I probably said [to myself] before I had made the decision to go back this year that this was probably going to be my last year, in any event."

The 36-year-old added that she will return to Australia to play with the Greater Western Sydney Giants when her club campaign finishes off.