James Horan does not have boots but will travel on a four-year journey with the Mayo footballers.

Confirmed as the new Mayo manager on Thursday night, the man who led the Green and Red to four Connacht titles and two All-Ireland final defeats in his previous spell in charge hinted at a period of revolution out west.

Speaking to MayoGAATV.com, Horan also gave the impression of a man who learned from his first incarnation as manager and is determined not to get bogged down in the administrative side of the job.

Starting with trials for 100-plus players, Horan seems intent on spending as much time as possible on the field as he assesses and trains the next generation of Mayo footballers. Anyone expecting him to remain loyal to the ageing soldiers he battled with in his first campaign may be surprised.

"There are going to be new players. Thanks to the great work done by Mike Solan over the last few years there are younger players and some may make it this year and some over the next few years," said Horan, who gave this injection of youth as the reason he sought a four-year term.

"I think for stability and the development pathways that have happened through the coaching and the under 20s and now the seniors, I think stability was needed and a period of time that is optimum for a management team to bring those players through."

Horan was coy on the rumours that former Mayo forward Ciaran McDonald would be given a role in his backroom team but admitted he may look for further expertise.

As it stands James Burke will train the Dublin-based players while Horan himself leads the rest of the training sessions.

"I will definitely have to get a pair of boots because I have no boots at the moment," said Horan. "I think [the training pitch] is where I can add the greatest benefit.

"Martin Barrett is going to be on the field, Daniel Ford is going to be on the field, James Burke is going to be on the field," he said. "I am going to be on the field... we are all going to do out little bit."

To free himself up to coach as much as possible, Horan has drafted in Westport businessman Joe Doyle as his operations manager.

"Joe Doyle will be doing a lot of the off-field management," he said. "[I am] trying to set it up so that we can provide the maximum expertise as a support team for the players."