GAA fans have been queuing for hours outside shops and online in both Clare and Galway to buy tickets for Sunday’s All-Ireland semi-final replay after the GAA opted not to distribute tickets through the county boards and clubs

The Clare and Galway county boards were informed by email this morning that the tickets would be sold online and in shops.

 "We found out this morning at about half ten in an email from Croke Park," explained Clare County Board Chairman Joe Cooney.

"It is a joke, there are a lot of genuine supporters out there especially elderly people who can’t go online to order their tickets. I believe there are big queues, I was talking to a man who had to wait two hours online before his turn came around."

The Galway Chairman Pat Kearney also confirmed that they were informed this morning via email that the tickets would be sold through the shops and online.

The GAA says that the decision not to distribute tickets through clubs as normal was taken in consultation with the two counties.

A spokesperson said: "Because of the tight turnaround between the games, and the fact that Galway are fighting on two fronts with the footballers playing on Saturday, this is the decision we came to.

"These are volunteers at the end of the day and asking them to organise their orders and distribute tickets at such short notice is a big task."

Croke Park also pointed out that 'club pass' and 'group pass' tickets are available for clubs who apply directly through the GAA's website. These passes are designed for groups of children and adults.