Sports Minister Shane Ross has stressed the importance for sports clubs of all sizes receiving Government grants to share them with the community.

Ross was speaking at the launch of the Government's ten-year National Sports Policy and when asked if future funding will be dependent on facilites being available to all, the Minister said: "It'll be a factor, a very very important significant factor in giving future funding that the facilites are used for the benefit of the community as well as those who get the funding."

On the controversy surrounding the use of Páirc Ui Chaoimh for the Liam Miller fundraiser the Minister added: "Both Minister for State Brendan Griffin and I have been in touch with the GAA in the last few days and what we've done is encouraged them to come to an early settlement.

"We welcome the fact that they're talking and we hope to see an amicable solution. We would like to see a recognition that the community has a role to play."